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Liverpool Marine Radio & Electronics Society

    An association of ex-Merchant Navy Radio Officers and marine electronics technical staff

                                                                      founded in 1975

The Red Ensign             To ex Radio Officers

Whether you served 40 years before the mast, or for just a couple of years before "swallowing the anchor" you are welcome to join the Liverpool Marine Radio & Electronics Society.

We are a social organisation of ex Merchant Navy ROs, ex depot staff, ex radio college lecturers and ex coast radio station ROs. (Some of our members still work to this day fitting and repairing marine radio and electronics equipment on ships.)

We meet on the last Friday of each month, when we have a presentation or video about some aspect of shipping or radio communication, and also have a drink and natter about old times.

Ex ROs who live outside a 30 mile radius from Liverpool Pier Head are eligible to become Associate Members with a reduced annual subscription of 5 p.a.       Associate Members are very welcome to attend our meetings and functions, but because of the travel distance we do not expect them to attend meetings regularly.

All members receive a monthly newsletter which includes selective news and articles about the marine and communications industries.

If you would like more info, please QSO

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